Phone, cellular and WiFi service in Zurich

Switzerland Country Code: +41
International Prefix: 00

Public Telephones and Webphones

Public telephones are available throughout the city, including the main train station and the Zurich airport. In addition to voice service, many telephone kiosks provide SMS and internet service. Most accept coins (CHF and Euro), credit card and Taxcards (available from Swisscom). For information on rates, visit Swisscom.

Helpful Numbers

117 – Police
118 – Fire rescue service
144 – Ambulance service and medical assistance

145 – Poisoning/intoxication emergencies
162 – Weather forecasts and meteorological conditions
163 – Traffic reports and travel information
1811 – Directory Enquiries (Swisscom)
1818 – Directory Enquiries

Cellular providers and coverage

Mobile network coverage is close to 100% by area, even in the mountainous, non-populated areas. The main cellular carriers are Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom. Other carriers include Cablecom, CoopMobile, M-Budget, talktalk, Tele2 and Yallo.

Pre-paid SIM cards

Pre-paid SIM cards for voice and data are available from most cellular carriers. Shops are located at the Zurich airport (Coop, Interdiscount, Migros, Orange, Sunrise, Swisscom), the main train station (Interdiscount, Migros, Sunrise, Swisscom) and other locations throughout the city. You do not need to be a Swiss resident to purchase a pre-paid SIM card, but you will need to bring your passport with you for identification when you register the card.

WiFi access

WiFi internet access at ETH Zurich will be available to ECC13 participants for the duration of the conference. Information on how to access the ETH Zurich WiFi network will be available in the registration package.

For a list of off-campus wireless hotspots in Zurich, visit